The River

What It’s All About

Welcome to The River!

We have big plans, and we’re just getting started. So what kind of stories are we publishing, and why? Real news for real people, here in the Hudson Valley.

We want to produce news that gives you tools for living your life, and information that gives you pause and makes you think. This kind of news empowers you in making good decisions and allows critical thinking on key issues that effect you, personally.

The national news can be so loud and the newscycle so quick—partisan, divisive, coming at us like a storm. We have to work hard to turn it off when we tire of it.

Locally, we’re fortunate to have some great community-based local weeklies, owned and created in the Hudson Valley. But only some of our communities are lucky in this way. In fact, many areas in the Hudson Valley have no local coverage, and others don’t have more community coverage than afforded by the police blotter or random facebook posts.

The River will bring you analytic pieces that cover the region from Newburgh to Hudson, from Woodstock to Beacon. We’ll try to answer the questions that are bothering you and help you make sense of events. 

So much news coverage is not actionable. We want to bring our readers the information needed in order to be great Hudson Valley citizens.

We are a diverse community with complex issues. We need diverse community voices to bring these stories to life. We hope you’ll get involved.

Join the Revolution

We view The River as a community effort and a community asset. If you’d like to get involved, or have ideas for what to cover, email us

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