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Andi State

Andi State is an upstate New York-based filmmaker and photographer. She was born in Romania, grew up in Canada, and now lives in the USA, all factors informing her worldview. She explores reality through cinema and photographs, focusing on alternative forms of community. Self-taught, with a view informed by a bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in philosophy and theatre, her work explores life on earth through the observation and suspension of moments in time, as she examines ideas of community, identity, and belonging in alternate landscapes.

Andi has directed, shot, and edited three documentary films, after starting her career as a producer in independent film. She has also had a 15-year career as a photographer, with work featured in Rolling Stone, Stereogum, Dazed, and Fashion, and a self-published book of photographic landscapes, entitled Death Valley. She is currently working on the music series Off the Floor and a new film about the Hudson River.

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