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Arvind Dilawar

Arvind Dilawar is an independent journalist. His articles, interviews, and essays on everything from the spacesuits of the future to love in the time of visas have appeared in Newsweek, The Guardian, Vice, and elsewhere.

Pipeline—or Pipe Bomb?

Opponents Rally Against Iroquois Fracked Gas Pipeline Expansion in New York State


White Supremacists, Antifascists Trade Reprisals in Newburgh

Recent incidents of politically motivated vandalism suggest an ongoing struggle.

Social Justice

Industrial Development Agencies Compete to Cut Business Breaks with ‘Legal Corruption’

Critics accuse IDAs throughout New York State of granting businesses competitive tax breaks in exchange for unclear returns.


How a Luxury Hotel Gained Control of Access to a State Trail

Emails reveal how Kingston officials ceded control of a gate across North Street to Hutton Brickyards, while activists say the city was dragging its feet on a solution for those facing homelessness.


A Real Estate Developer’s Plot to Sell Newburgh

Seraphim Equities is pushing an arts festival and making appeals to community—while buying up buildings and evicting residents.


SUNY Faculty Urge Pension to Divest from Fossil Fuels

The TIAA Divest campaign builds momentum for pulling funding from polluters and reinvesting in renewable energy companies.


Remote Access to Abortion Medication Restricted by Supreme Court

The court reinstated in-person requirements despite the ongoing threat of COVID. Reproductive justice activists in New York are responding with an educational campaign.


Capitol Stormers of the Hudson Valley

Two FBI arrests—so far—and many social media posts attest to a local presence at the DC riot, and to the viability of right-wing organizing in New York.


‘Stop and Frisk’ Finds Few Guns, Many Critics in Kingston

A joint law enforcement campaign made over 1,300 stops, but nabbed only five firearms.

Social Justice

Is Water Pollution Exacerbating COVID-19 in Newburgh?

An industrial accident from 30 years ago could be worsening a coronavirus hot spot today.


Did the Public Have a Fair Say in the Closure of the Village of Rhinebeck’s Court?

Abolition? Consolidation? Democratic participation? The future of Rhinebeck’s village court begs questions.


Officer Involved in Recent Killing Accused of Excessive Force in Previous Case

Involved in the shooting of Tyrell Fincher, Ricardo Rivera is also accused of nearly hitting Lakeem Thompson with a squad car, then attacking him with a canine—all for a traffic violation.

Social Justice

Technical Difficulties: Public Struggles to Participate in Online Meetings

Can local governments keep proceedings open and democratic while they remain remote? In Poughkeepsie, it hasn’t been easy.


A New Kind of Judge for Orange County

Paul Trachte hopes to not only win a seat long held by Republicans, but to build a more progressive criminal justice system.


Black Lives Matter Rally Met With Violence in Pleasant Valley

Counterprotesters shouted ‘blue lives matter,’ racial slurs, and assaulted multiple rallygoers. The march had been coordinated with local law enforcement, which did little to intervene.

Social Justice

The Contentious Struggle Over the Kingston Academy Green Monuments

Activists seeking to remove statues of enslavers and colonizers are facing racist backlash from bigots.

Social Justice

Volunteer Animal Rescuers Persist Despite Pandemic

COVID-19 hasn’t squashed the commitment of Hudson Valley animal-rights activists to do their work.


Mutual Aid to the Rescue

Both new and established groups of Hudson Valley residents rise to the challenge of COVID-19.

Social Justice

COVID-19 vs. the Courts

Hudson Valley residents struggle to navigate the closure of almost all local courts.


You Broke It, You Build It

The owner of a building that collapsed in Poughkeepsie has been sued multiple times. So why is he being approved for other development projects?

Social Justice
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