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Dalvin Aboagye

Dalvin Aboagye is a freelance writer who has previously covered the Hudson Valley region for The River Reporter and Chronogram.

Will This Be the Year New York Passes Universal Health Care?

The New York Health Act would establish a single-payer healthcare system covering every New Yorker. Its proponents say the pandemic has made it more urgent than ever.


Rethinking Crime and Punishment: Restorative Justice in the Hudson Valley

A program in Ulster County seeks repair, rather than retribution, for criminalized behavior. Can it be a model for a fairer criminal justice system?

Social Justice

How the Pandemic Has Changed the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

The life-saving work of harm reduction is harder in the era of social distancing. But some initiatives in the rural Catskills have adapted to slow the scourge of overdose deaths.


Basic Income Guarantee: A Pilot in Hudson

This September, the small community on the east bank of the Hudson River is set to join several other American cities that are home to a UBI program.


The Future of Entertainment? Look to the Past, and Drive-In Theaters

A socially distant, outside-the-home recreational activity? Drive-ins are gearing up to satisfy demand for entertainment post-quarantine.


Hudson Valley Makers Meet the Need for PPE

DIY enthusiasts are crafting surgical masks, face shields, gloves, and gowns with 3D printers and old-fashioned sewing machines to help medics treat COVID-19 patients safely.