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Ken Stier

Ken Stier is a business writer and former foreign correspondent. He previously worked for, and has written for TimeThe New York Times, and Newsweek.

Secret Memo Reveals Wheaton Park Pact Between Poughkeepsie and Developer

The four-page memo details a plan to win over the city’s preservation commission on a proposal to transform the historic site into an arts-focused mixed-use complex.


Poughkeepsie’s Wheaton Park Should Be Returned to the People

A proposed housing development would only serve upscale commuters, and destroy the historic park’s soul. There is a better alternative.


Nuvance Health Denies Hazard Pay for Workers at Vassar Brothers

Frontline staff requested hazard pay for risking their lives to work during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. After waiting more than two months, they were told no by hospital management.


The Race to Finish a Poughkeepsie Hospital

The Vassar Brothers Medical Center extension is expected to treat COVID-19 patients as soon as it's ready. But workers say the site is not safe.