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Michael Frank

Michael Frank has contributed to The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Radio Kingston, and dozens of other outlets, and is an adjunct professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz.


Immigration Has Not Been Magically Fixed Under Biden

The recent deportation of a Rockland County resident shows that reforming the system will take time. Meanwhile, state legislators and activists are trying to prevent further injustice.


Hunger in the Hudson Valley, Before and After COVID-19

As the pandemic spread nationwide, so did breadlines—for the first time since the Great Depression. In Ulster County, a unique volunteer response prevented such a crisis. At least for a while.

Social Justice

A Helping Hand

Advocating for immigrants’ rights in the Hudson Valley.

Social Justice

Justice Delayed, Not Denied

Luis Martinez is an Undocumented Immigrant. But a Judge in the Southern District of New York Ruled that Everyone on American Soil Has a Right to Justice.

Social Justice

Voice from behind Bars

A conversation with Luis Martinez, who is being detained for deportation despite a pending U visa.

Social Justice

Undocumented in the Hudson Valley: The Luis Martinez Story

He's an employer, father, husband, and community member. Why is ICE threatening to deport this man?

Social Justice