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Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd is an independent journalist, cultural sociologist, and lapsed tech analyst. He is the editor of Work Futures, devoted to the ecology of work and the anthropology of the future.

stowe boyd

Why Are Accessory Dwelling Units Stalled in Albany?

Gov. Kathy Hochul backed down on including accessory dwelling units in her 2022 budget after a suburban backlash to higher-density housing that some claimed would be the "death of the suburbs."


The Donut Effect: How Remote Work Is Transforming the Hudson Valley

A sea change in how Americans work is affecting how and where they live—and putting intense new pressures on housing and communities. Can the Hudson Valley keep up?


What Happens When Amazon Comes to Town

The country’s largest employer is building two facilities in the Mid-Hudson Valley. That’s not necessarily a good thing.


Yes In My Backyard

How accessory dwelling units could address the affordable housing crisis in New York.