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Tiana Headley

Tiana Headley is a journalist who covers race, politics, and criminal justice in the Hudson Valley region and New York State.

New York Is America’s Latest Battleground Over Gun Rights

The Supreme Court seems poised to strike down a New York law and expand the Second Amendment. The question is: by how much?


In Rural New York, Counties Turn a Blind Eye to Policing Problems

Police reforms mandated by Governor Cuomo fell short of addressing systemic issues in Delaware and Sullivan counties, advocates say—in part because local officials don’t see an issue with policing in their communities.


Vaccine Rates Among the Incarcerated Remain Low Amid Mistrust and Misinformation

Many people behind bars are turning down or deferring vaccination, despite months of advocacy to get vaccines into jails and prisons.


Uneven Police Reform Compliance Frustrates Mid-Hudson Communities

In Executive Order 203, Governor Cuomo gave officials a litmus test in community engagement. Their constituents say they’ve got a ways to go.


How the Poughkeepsie Police Union Tried to Defeat Reform

A monthslong dispute between the Common Council and the police department’s labor union spilled out into the public, revealing the tactics cop associations use to bully politicians.


Call BlackLine: Community Care and Liberation on Speed Dial

As established systems of public safety fail them, one group of organizers take matters into their own hands.

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