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Will Solomon

Will Solomon is a musician, farmer, and host of the Kingston-based podcast end talk.


The Moms Fighting Against Moms for Liberty

Defense of Democracy, a nonpartisan, pro-democracy group, is taking on right-wing extremism in the Hudson Valley and beyond.


The Working Families Party Wants Your Vote

In this tight electoral environment, New York’s Working Families Party is primed to play a significant role. The progressive third party is trying to convince voters that it remains a vital force in New York politics, while seeking to push a number of Democrats over the finish line and promoting a slate of progressive policies statewide and nationally.


Short-Terming the Market: For the Many’s “Homes Are Not Hotels” Campaign

Social Justice

A Test of the Left in NY-16

Primary challenges to Rep. Jamaal Bowman test progressivism of New York’s 16th district.


The Anti-Vaxxers Won. This Is Pandemic Country.

The pandemic is not over. So why are we acting like it is?


Anti-Vaxxers Maintain Persistent Presence in the Hudson Valley

The Columbia County group Do We Need This? is waging an aggressive campaign of disinformation, with vaccine uptake stalled and Omicron surging.


COVID-19 Is Not the Only Emerging Disease Worrying Scientists

Amid public health focus on the pandemic, vector-borne disease in the Northeast remains a persistent and evolving threat.


Disputes Over Federal Relief Funds Reflect Longstanding Tensions Within KCSD

Parents and teachers are frustrated with the Kingston school district’s response to COVID-19, and its track record on community involvement and equity.


Kingston Hamlet Offers Test Case for Conservation Amid Gentrification

Preservation of the Wilbur uplands, recently acquired by the Kingston Land Trust, illuminates the tensions between development and land conservation in the Hudson Valley.


How Hudson Valley Farmers Are Experiencing Climate Change

The local effects of the climate crisis are easy to list. But how does it feel, and what challenges is it already presenting?


The Undeserved Myth of Andrew Cuomo, Pandemic Hero

The governor’s factual, steady communication was a welcome alternative to Trump. But the praise he received has obscured structural problems and missteps.