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The Pandemic Has Intensified the Fight Over Gig Workers

The long struggle to reclassify gig-economy laborers as employees of the companies they work with has taken on new urgency after a year of job losses, poor health outcomes, and overall instability.

DoorDash worker in New York

How a Luxury Hotel Gained Control of Access to a State Trail

Emails reveal how Kingston officials ceded control of a gate across North Street to Hutton Brickyards, while activists say the city was dragging its feet on a solution for those facing homelessness.

Hutton Brickyards

A Real Estate Developer’s Plot to Sell Newburgh

Seraphim Equities is pushing an arts festival and making appeals to community—while buying up buildings and evicting residents.


‘Fighting Upstream Against Capitalism’: A Housing Q&A with Evelyn Wright

We talk to the Ulster County deputy executive about the affordability crisis, community solutions, and the county’s new Housing Action Plan.


Taxing New Homeowners to Preserve Local Character? New Paltz Will Try It

A real estate transfer tax targeting wealthy new arrivals takes effect during the unprecedented migration of New York City residents to the region.


New York Banned Evictions. The Housing Crisis Got Worse.

Landlords have found ways to oust renters with the market surging in the Hudson Valley. What will happen when the moratorium ends?


Have Tourists Helped Keep the Hudson Valley Economy Afloat (For Now)?

Across the region, spending by newcomers has kept sales tax revenues from declining much less than predicted at the start of the lockdown.


Urban Removal: Kingston’s Housing Crisis

A pandemic-fueled exodus from NYC has turbocharged the housing market in the Ulster County seat. Will its less-affluent residents be left behind?


The Challenge of Affordable Housing in the Hudson Valley

Three recent reports show that home values are on the rise, and the affordability gap is growing wider.


Follow the River, Follow the Money: On Development in Yonkers

Arts and environmental initiatives have driven a campaign to attract wealthier residents to the riverfront city. It could be a sign of things to come in the Hudson Valley.


Basic Income Guarantee: A Pilot in Hudson

This September, the small community on the east bank of the Hudson River is set to join several other American cities that are home to a UBI program.


PPP: Lifesaver with a Lot of Headaches

The Paycheck Protection Program offered immediate help to small businesses affected by COVID-19. But three months into the crisis, the value of that assistance is being questioned, and it’s not clear where the next round of money will come from.


Hudson Valley Restaurant and Bar Workers Share Their Experiences of the Pandemic

As restaurants across the Hudson Valley contend with a harsh new reality, industry workers are left in a precarious position.


Death of a Newspaper

The closure of the Catskill Mountain News is the latest blow to local journalism in rural New York.

Catskill Mountain News, the River, local journalism

Rent Control’s First Test in the Hudson Valley

A housing vacancy study found that Kington is not eligible to opt in to the Emergency Tenant Protection Act. What do the results mean for other cities?

Kingston, Hudson Valley housing, The River

Will New York Small Farmers Reap the Benefits of the Federal Trade Deal?

Despite record subsidies, farm bankruptcies are spiking across the nation. But New York may be better positioned than most states for the agricultural future.

farming, farm bankruptcies, The River Newsroom

Future Shock and the Just Transition

Creating equity in the Hudson Valley.

Social Justice
Hudson Valley Just Transition, future summit, Hudson Valley equity

The Promise of Public Banks

The only one in the US is in North Dakota, but a growing movement believes the model can create a more stable economy and fund projects like the Green New Deal.

Second Bank of the United States, The River Newsroom

America’s Digital Divide

From commerce and culture to social connection, almost no segment of contemporary life is untouched by the internet. In many rural communities, limited broadband access remains a barrier to 21st-century connectivity.

rural broadband access

Banking on Recovery

Land banking is a creative tool to convert abandoned and vacant properties into affordable housing.

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