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The Rent Is Too Damn High

New legislation allows municipalities across the state to opt in to rent stabilization laws.


New York In Prison

New York State counties ask: Do we really need a jail?


Our Aging Infrastructure: Peril and Opportunity

As a nation, we’re not doing very well at keeping our systems running. Here's why.



Block by block, town by town, gentrification is transforming the Hudson Valley.


Our Growing Local News Desert

Local news is in crisis. Can new business models stay the damage, here and across the U.S?


No Cure for Rural?

The rural parts of the Hudson Valley are contending with problems felt in rural places all over the nation.


Are PILOTs A Race To The Bottom?

Tax deals promising jobs, like the one offered to Amazon HQ, are ubiquitous in New York State, but the net effect for communities like those in the Hudson Valley are not clear.


The Environmental Costs of Road Salt

Putting rock salt on roads to keep them clear of ice and snow has become a mainstay of road management. The trouble is: After it’s used, it doesn’t disappear.


Shrinking Schools

The problem of shrinking student enrollment ticks silently away until it becomes too urgent to ignore. Then it erupts into community outrage about tough decisions.


Legalized Marijuana in New York State: The Green Gold Rush

Andrew Cuomo unveils a plan for legalizing recreational marijuana in New York State.


NY’s REDC: Can Money Fix a Broken Economy?

Since 2011, New York State has made an annual late-December tradition of announcing millions in grants to businesses, nonprofits, and local governments. On December 18, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the eighth round of REDC funding.


The Airbnb Invasion

We made the 2019 "trending destinations" list. What does it mean for the Catskills and Hudson Valley?


Casinos: Win or Lose for the Hudson Valley?

Advocates have long hoped that Vegas-style casinos would restore some of the region’s luster. Can they succeed?

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