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How Three Families Are Navigating the Back-to-School Process

The pandemic forced parents to juggle work schedules and take on educational roles they could have never imagined. Now they’ll have to do it again.


‘Walking on a Tightrope’: How College Graduates Are Dealing With an Uncertain Future

Generation Z, which includes the class of 2020, was already the most stressed out generation in America. And that was before the pandemic.


Remote Learning Doesn’t Support Special Education Learners

Shuttered schools pose learning challenges for most families. But parents of children with developmental disabilities fear a critical loss of educational and social skills.


Reclaiming Spanish

Social pressures cause many immigrants to stop speaking their first language, losing an aspect of cultural identity in the process. Some families are trying to keep those ties alive.

The River, Spanish language loss

Why Is American Education Declining?

A decade after Common Core was implemented, sobering new results indicate that students aren’t faring better.

Common Core, American education, River Newsroom

Food for Thought

School lunch debt is on the rise, and rural districts have it especially hard. But one program offers universal free cafeteria meals in low-income schools. Can it work here?

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America’s Digital Divide

From commerce and culture to social connection, almost no segment of contemporary life is untouched by the internet. In many rural communities, limited broadband access remains a barrier to 21st-century connectivity.

rural broadband access

The State of Sex Ed

What should sex ed look like in the era of #MeToo?


Understanding the Vaccination Controversy

Recent measles outbreaks put Hudson Valley schools at the center of a vitriolic legal and public health debate.


Shrinking Schools

The problem of shrinking student enrollment ticks silently away until it becomes too urgent to ignore. Then it erupts into community outrage about tough decisions.


Food Justice For All

Sylvia Center Promotes Healthy Eating and Food Justice

Social Justice