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The Promise and Peril of Cow Power

Anaerobic digestion is an innovative process that converts waste to energy. Is it too good to be true?

Anaerobic digesters, The River

We Paved Paradise

We tend to think of parking as a problem only when a spot can’t be found. But city planners who’ve documented the hidden costs of parking are starting to implement solutions.

River, parking lot, Hudson valley

Future Shock and the Just Transition

Creating equity in the Hudson Valley.

Social Justice
Hudson Valley Just Transition, future summit, Hudson Valley equity

Keeping Carbon

A short documentary from Jon Bowermaster of Oceans 8 Films explores efforts by Hudson Valley farmers to keep carbon in the ground with regenerative farming methods.

regenerative farming, Hudson Valley farming, Ben Dobson

Who’s Hunting Now?

Five stories of modern New York hunters.

Leon Vehaba, hunters, hunting

What 2.9 Billion Birds Can Tell Us About Climate Change

A new study on bird population decline quantifies the impact humans have already had on the environment.


The Pace of Disaster Is Accelerating. Are We Ready?

The impacts of rising sea levels and increasing climate instability may force hard choices in the years to come.


Between the Engineer and the Poet

On the Hudson Valley’s rich heritage of environmental activism


A Living River

A new short film from National Geographic filmmaker Jon Bowermaster looks at efforts by Riverkeeper, the DEC, and others to restore the life within our majestic Hudson River.


The Latest on the Wallkill River Cleanup

A forthcoming clean water plan from the DEC will outline a strategy to end harmful algal blooms in one of the Hudson's largest tributaries.


The End of Fossil Fuels in New York?

New York lawmakers have passed the most ambitious climate plan in the country. But how will we get to net-zero emissions by 2050? TBD.


Our Aging Infrastructure: Peril and Opportunity

As a nation, we’re not doing very well at keeping our systems running. Here's why.


Is the Hudson River Cleanup Finished?

The EPA Thinks So. New York State’s DEC Says No Way.


Spring, Interrupted

Millenia-old evolutionary relationships are out of sync


The Environmental Costs of Road Salt

Putting rock salt on roads to keep them clear of ice and snow has become a mainstay of road management. The trouble is: After it’s used, it doesn’t disappear.

Plow Salting Road

Cleaning Up The Hudson

Has the decade-long General Electric river cleanup been effective? Would the river have been better off left alone?

Dredging the Hudson

The Hudson Valley in a Warming World

The impacts of global warming are already being felt in the Hudson Valley. What might the future look like?


Why So Many Deer and Bears? Our Growing Wildlife Imbalance.

At the start of deer hunting season in the Hudson Valley we consider the growth of animal populations that threaten the forests, native plants, and songbirds.


Bury Me Green

The new green burial movement is bringing us back to the Earth at the end of life.


Hudson Valley in the Lyme-Light

The Hudson Valley is a hot spot for Lyme disease. Is the rapidly growing epidemic a result of climate change?

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