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The Trials of Nicole Addimando

The case of a Poughkeepsie woman convicted of killing her partner will test New York’s new sentencing guidelines for victims of abuse.

Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act

For Delgado, Politics Is the Art of Showing Up

In his first year in Congress, the Hudson Valley representative has held 33 town halls, proposed 28 pieces of legislation, and built a reputation of strong constituent outreach that has warded off any formidable opposition—so far.

Antonio Delgado, Hudson Valley congressman

The Long-Awaited Arrival of Bail Reform

New York’s transformative pretrial and bail reforms go into effect in 2020. They should create a more fair, equal, and compassionate criminal justice system.

Social Justice
cash bail reform

Will New York’s Green Light Law Get the Green Light Everywhere?

Opposition remains strong to the bill Cuomo signed this summer, which is set to go into effect next month.

Social Justice
Green Light NY, green light bill

Mondaire Jones Has Been Here the Whole Time

Long before Nita Lowey announced her retirement, the progressive lawyer was running for her seat in NY17. His election would be historic.

Mondaire Jones

Does the GOP Stand a Chance in NY19 Without Molinaro?

Latest FEC filings reveal a weak Republican primary field of 2020 challengers to Antonio Delgado.


Chelsea Clinton Honored by Hillary at Val-Kill Awards

Former first daughter receives medal 24 years after mom honored, becoming first mother-daughter recipients in the award's history.


New York Farmworkers Finally Have Labor Rights, But the Fight Isn’t Over

New legislation gives agricultural laborers the right to unionize and collect overtime pay, but neither side is thrilled with the final law.

farmworker rights

Just How Good Is Gun Control in New York?

In the era of mass shootings, we may be lucky to have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but there’s a clear upstate/downstate divide.


The End of Fossil Fuels in New York?

New York lawmakers have passed the most ambitious climate plan in the country. But how will we get to net-zero emissions by 2050? TBD.


Green Gold Rush

With a crowded field of groups each pushing their agenda, comprehensive cannabis legalization in New York falters.


The Rent Is Too Damn High

New legislation allows municipalities across the state to opt in to rent stabilization laws


Justice Delayed, Not Denied

Luis Martinez is an Undocumented Immigrant. But a Judge in the Southern District of New York Ruled that Everyone on American Soil Has a Right to Justice.

Social Justice

Our Aging Infrastructure: Peril and Opportunity

As a nation, we’re not doing very well at keeping our systems running. Here's why.


Undocumented in the Hudson Valley: The Luis Martinez Story

He's an employer, father, husband, and community member. Why is ICE threatening to deport this man?

Social Justice

Hudson Valley Abortion Rights at the Crossroads

What does this historic moment for abortion rights in the US and New York State mean for residents of the Hudson Valley?


ICE in the Hudson Valley

The escalating bitterness of the national debate on immigration and recent crackdowns by ICE have caused public outcries in communities where immigrants live and work.

Social Justice
An ICE officer outside a house

New Legislature, New New York

Last November, Democrats in the state Senate captured eight seats previously held by Republicans, setting the stage for a dramatic shift in legislative priorities.

Polling Station

Legalized Marijuana in New York State: The Green Gold Rush

Andrew Cuomo unveils a plan for legalizing recreational marijuana in New York State.


NY’s REDC: Can Money Fix a Broken Economy?

Since 2011, New York State has made an annual late-December tradition of announcing millions in grants to businesses, nonprofits, and local governments. On December 18, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the eighth round of REDC funding.

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