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Social Justice

Social Justice
Social Justice

With Abortion Rights Under Threat, Local Advocates Mobilize

Is New York ready for a post-Roe America? In the Hudson Valley and across the state, advocates are bracing for worst-case scenarios.


Central Hudson Is Broken. Can New York Fix It?

Legislators are investigating. Advocates want to put utilities in public hands. People behind on their utility bills are in trouble. Regulators have a lot of power to act—if they choose to.


Can Hudson Fix Its Public Housing Playground?

Play is essential to childhood development, but the play space at Columbia County’s only public housing project is derelict.

Social Justice

The Assault on New York’s Bail Reform

Police and prosecutors charge that changes to the state’s bail system are causing more violent crimes. But the people helped by the new law mostly get ignored.

Social Justice

From Afghanistan to Albany

Some 650 Afghan refugees are expected to resettle in the Capital District before the end of next year. Will they have the resources they need?

Social Justice

The Long Fight for Justice for Monica Goods

The 11-year-old was killed in a Thruway police crash last December. Following months of calls for justice, the trooper involved was charged with murder this week.

Social Justice

White Supremacists, Antifascists Trade Reprisals in Newburgh

Recent incidents of politically motivated vandalism suggest an ongoing struggle.

Social Justice

The Gospel of Ganja: A Q&A with Cannabis Activist Steve DeAngelo

The “father of legal cannabis,” who has been fighting to end prohibition for nearly 50 years, outlines his vision for a more inclusive and radically just industry—and how it might change the world.

Social Justice

Vaccine Rates Among the Incarcerated Remain Low Amid Mistrust and Misinformation

Many people behind bars are turning down or deferring vaccination, despite months of advocacy to get vaccines into jails and prisons.


A Jail By Any Other Name

The Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center is intended to advance restorative justice efforts. Its opponents, and many criminal justice reformers, argue that governments should invest instead in alternatives to incarceration.

Social Justice

Immigration Has Not Been Magically Fixed Under Biden

The recent deportation of a Rockland County resident shows that reforming the system will take time. Meanwhile, state legislators and activists are trying to prevent further injustice.


American Town: Warwick’s Long Struggle Against White Supremacism

The idyllic Hudson Valley town has been in the news since the owner of a popular cafe attended the DC riot. But its history of racist activity extends back more than a century.

Social Justice

Call BlackLine: Community Care and Liberation on Speed Dial

As established systems of public safety fail them, one group of organizers take matters into their own hands.

Social Justice

‘Stop and Frisk’ Finds Few Guns, Many Critics in Kingston

A joint law enforcement campaign made over 1,300 stops, but nabbed only five firearms.

Social Justice

Rethinking Crime and Punishment: Restorative Justice in the Hudson Valley

A program in Ulster County seeks repair, rather than retribution, for criminalized behavior. Can it be a model for a fairer criminal justice system?

Social Justice

Liberation on the Land: Soul Fire Farm

An interview with program director Naima Penniman about the BIPOC-centered community farm’s efforts to fight racism and injustice in the food system through training and creating equitable distribution networks.

Social Justice

Officer Involved in Recent Killing Accused of Excessive Force in Previous Case

Involved in the shooting of Tyrell Fincher, Ricardo Rivera is also accused of nearly hitting Lakeem Thompson with a squad car, then attacking him with a canine—all for a traffic violation.

Social Justice

On the Ground With the Young Activists Transforming Newburgh

A photo series showcasing justice activists in one of New York’s most interesting and historic cities.

Social Justice

Prison Visitation in the Era of COVID-19

New York correctional facilities have been closed to visitors since March, depriving the incarcerated of vital contact with their loved ones. But a DOCCS reopening plan has done little to assuage concerns, some of which predate the pandemic.

Social Justice

Black Lives Matter Rally Met With Violence in Pleasant Valley

Counterprotesters shouted ‘blue lives matter,’ racial slurs, and assaulted multiple rallygoers. The march had been coordinated with local law enforcement, which did little to intervene.

Social Justice
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