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The Climate Lab is our project dedicated to original reporting and analysis on how the climate crisis is changing the Hudson Valley and Catskills region, and the solutions that are helping us prepare for and adapt to that change. Our climate reporting is regionally focused, solutions-oriented, and independent. Click here if you’d like to support this work.

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Recent climate stories

COVID-19 Is Not the Only Emerging Disease Worrying Scientists

Amid public health focus on the pandemic, vector-borne disease in the Northeast remains a persistent and evolving threat.


‘Worse Than Irene’: The Toxic Aftermath of a Storm in Rensselaer County

Historic flooding created a potential hazard from a nearby Superfund site. It could be a sign of things to come.


7 Locals Tackling New York’s Toughest Climate Problems

From carbon sequestration and solar siting to sail freight and managed retreat, the hard work of climate solutions is well underway in the Hudson Valley and Catskills.


How an Ad Hoc Climate Coalition Is Working to Thwart a Power Plant in Newburgh

Danskammer Energy wants to replace its “peaker” gas-fired power plant with a new facility that will run 24/7. With a decision coming, environmentalists are reminding New York of its green commitments.


What Cuomo’s Removal Could Mean for Climate Action in New York

With the governor out of the picture, advocates see a chance to make better state climate policy—if state leaders decide to take it.


New York Officials Are Souring on Gas Power

Grassroots opposition to new fossil fuel projects is turning up the heat on the state’s most powerful politicians.


Keeping New York Honest on Climate Progress

The state has adopted ambitious climate goals. But so far, there’s no real way to measure its progress.


What New York State Legislators Got Done On Climate This Year

Spoiler: Not much.


Kingston Hamlet Offers Test Case for Conservation Amid Gentrification

Preservation of the Wilbur uplands, recently acquired by the Kingston Land Trust, illuminates the tensions between development and land conservation in the Hudson Valley.


A Guide to the New York State Climate Policy Landscape

New York has committed to reducing emissions and fighting climate change. But meeting those lofty goals will take more investment and more legislation.