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The Climate Lab is our project dedicated to original reporting and analysis on how the climate crisis is changing the Hudson Valley and Catskills region, and the solutions that are helping us prepare for and adapt to that change. Our climate reporting is regionally focused, solutions-oriented, and independent. Click here if you’d like to support this work.

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Recent climate stories

In the Catskills, One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Business Model

As New York cracks down on climate change, green energy projects are encroaching on the state’s most rural landscapes.


An Open Letter on Climate to Antonio Delgado


In a World of Vague Climate Targets, New York Has a Plan—Almost

While Congress dithers on climate, New York is laying plans for “deep decarbonization” of the state’s $2 trillion annual economy.


What the Right to Clean Air and Water Will Mean for New Yorkers

The Environmental Rights Amendment, approved by voters last week, grants New Yorkers a new set of constitutional protections.


Community Choice Aggregation Programs Flex Their Power

CCAs are confusing, acronym-laden, and embroiled in municipal government minutiae. They also might be the key to unlocking the power of local clean energy.


New York’s Political Climate Is Not Helping the Earth’s Climate

It’s hard to understand the convoluted terminology and policy associated with the state’s gas infrastructure. Here, members of the Sunrise Movement—a youth-led environmental and social advocacy organization—provide a breakdown of the issues.


How Language Is Shaping the Solar Energy Debate

Why are certain words weaponized in a passionate public argument like the one playing out over Shepherd’s Run in Copake?


Why the Town of Copake Opposes Shepherd’s Run


The Backyard Battle for New York’s Climate Future

A proposal to place large solar arrays in bucolic Copake has inflamed passions on both sides—and illuminated a challenge for the state in reaching its energy goals.


In Climate Week Actions, Hochul Shows Signs of Getting Real

New initiatives announced this week show promise that state leadership is getting serious about addressing the climate crisis. But the biggest actions are still down the road.


The New York Build Public Renewables Act Should Have Passed This Session

Why didn’t this bill, which is arguably essential for getting the state on track for meeting its climate goals, pass this year?


COVID-19 Is Not the Only Emerging Disease Worrying Scientists

Amid public health focus on the pandemic, vector-borne disease in the Northeast remains a persistent and evolving threat.


‘Worse Than Irene’: The Toxic Aftermath of a Storm in Rensselaer County

Historic flooding created a potential hazard from a nearby superfund site. It could be a sign of things to come.


7 Locals Tackling New York’s Toughest Climate Problems

From carbon sequestration and solar siting to sail freight and managed retreat, the hard work of climate solutions is well underway in the Hudson Valley and Catskills.


How an Ad Hoc Climate Coalition Is Working to Thwart a Power Plant in Newburgh

Danskammer Energy wants to replace its “peaker” gas-fired power plant with a new facility that will run 24/7. With a decision coming, environmentalists are reminding New York of its green commitments.