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The Climate Lab is our project dedicated to original reporting and analysis on how the climate crisis is changing the Hudson Valley and Catskills region, and the solutions that are helping us prepare for and adapt to that change. Our climate reporting is regionally focused, solutions-oriented, and independent. Click here if you’d like to support this work.

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Recent climate stories

With Flooding on the Rise, Hudson Valley Superfund Sites Are at Risk

Climate change is accelerating the frequency and intensity of floods in the region. At local Superfund sites, rising waters are spreading long-buried toxins to new places.


Public Power Has Albany Rattled

The push for the Build Public Renewables Act in New York has become surprisingly muscular. Is it strong enough to break Albany’s climate gridlock?


New York City Prepares to Shut Down the Delaware Aqueduct

For the first time in almost a century, a critical piece of New York City's water infrastructure needs fixing. The impacts could be felt throughout the city’s 2,000-square-mile watershed.


A Green Firehouse for New Paltz, Despite the Odds

New Paltz's all-electric, solar-powered firehouse is one small step for a Hudson Valley community, one giant leap for New York's millions of dirty buildings.


Climate World Fractures Over an Extension Cord to Canada

State regulators just voted to greenlight a project that will cut New York City’s power emissions in half. But local environmentalists aren’t celebrating.


New York’s First-in-Nation Gas Ban ‘Officially Dead’—For Now

A proposal to ban fossil fuel heating in new buildings, touted by Governor Hochul, has been dropped during final budget negotiations.


The Future of Work Is Green

Climate action and the clean energy transition will bring a wave of new jobs to New York. Is the Hudson Valley workforce ready for them?


Hudson Valley Left Out of New York Climate Hearings

As a region, the Hudson Valley has more than its fair share of communities on the front lines of climate impact. Will their voices be heard on New York’s climate plan?


Electric Vehicles Can Address New York’s Gas Crisis


New York State Has Identified Disadvantaged Communities

And it’s a big deal for climate justice.


An Open Letter on Funding the Climate Act to Assembly Member Barrett


New York’s Heat Pump Program Is Drying Up

A new program is successfully helping New York homeowners wean their homes off fossil fuels. So why is it being scaled back?


The Little Schooner That Might

Sail freight is desperately romantic. True believers think it could help solve the climate crisis. Is it a real solution?


Is This the Moment for Passive House Design in New York?

How an idealistic, 70s-era building trend may help the state transition away from fossil fuels.


New York’s Climate Action Wish List

State lawmakers are weighing a slew of climate-related bills in 2022. Here’s what climate advocates are pushing for.


Hochul’s Budget Charts a Middle Path on Climate

The $216 billion budget would ban gas in new construction, but otherwise offers few dramatic moves on climate. Advocates say it’s not enough.


Leading the Flock

New York State is poised for an agrivoltaics revolution. But to get there, we’re going to need a lot of collaboration between agriculture and energy—and a lot more sheep.


Fund the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act


Failure of Build Back Better Casts Uncertainty over New York’s Climate Plans

Without significant federal funding, states are on their own to decarbonize their economies.


We Cannot Stop Climate Change With Laws Alone

When our trust and faith is placed in each other rather than the government, we gain more power than we may think possible.