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The River

Just Hours Left for Campaign to Fund Crucial News for the Hudson Valley!

Why is an independent newsroom for the Hudson Valley important? Here are three reasons.

Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash

Fund our kickstarter campaign before Saturday and help us reach our all-or-nothing goal! All proceeds will be used to pay writers and other direct newsroom costs. 

Why is an independent newsroom for the Hudson Valley important? Here are three reasons:

1) The the old models of journalism are broken. Advertising-funded journalism has always had a built-in conflict of interest. The River will be completely community and membership-supported. 

2) Corporate media has systematically bought up and eviscerated or shut down community newspapers in the Hudson Valley and throughout the country. Our region has broad swaths of communities with no news coverage. The River will address the news in particular communities in the region as a whole.

3) Knowledge is power. The more we know about the issues that have touched each of us, the more we can act in a way that empowers transformation. Whether it’s regenerative economy, intelligent and sustainable development, care for the environment, political analysis, or social equity for all the unique communities of region, The River will provide in-depth, research-intensive journalism to empower each of us to have meaningful participation in the life of our region. 

If this vision speaks to you, please become a reader. You can sign up by making a contribution of any amount to our kickstarter campaign. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps pay the cost of original reporting on issues crucial to the whole Hudson Valley!

And if you have ideas for what to cover, or you want to become a contributor to The River, or if there’s anything else on your mind, just send us an email.