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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

‘Stop and Frisk’ Finds Few Guns, Many Critics in Kingston

A joint law enforcement campaign made over 1,300 stops, but nabbed only five firearms.

Black Lives Matter Rally Met With Violence in Pleasant Valley

Counterprotesters shouted ‘blue lives matter,’ racial slurs, and assaulted multiple rallygoers. The march had been coordinated with local law enforcement, which did little to intervene.

The Contentious Struggle Over the Kingston Academy Green Monuments

Activists seeking to remove statues of enslavers and colonizers are facing racist backlash from bigots.

What Does It Mean to Defund the Police?

Every police reform that governments have tried has failed to address and correct what is toxic in American law-enforcement culture.

Online Threats, Unease Mar BLM Protest in Cobleskill

A June 4 march was canceled after a series of threatening comments from residents on Facebook. But local activists are not backing down.

At the Black Lives Matter Protests in the Hudson Valley

On the ground in nine municipalities across the region.