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Changes on High: What to Know about New York’s Recreational Marijuana Law

The effort ties licenses and revenue to social equity—but it’s good for small farmers, too.


Food Justice in the Hudson Valley: A Recent History

Food industry workers are among the most highly exploited laborers in the US. But a growing movement is bringing justice into the system.


Essential, Invisible, Ineligible: Food and Farm Workers Wait for Vaccine

New York has not included vulnerable agricultural workers alongside other essential employees in vaccine eligibility thus far. Public health officials struggle to understand why.


Future Forward: Sustainable Agriculture

Environmental leaders and activists tell us what they envision in their areas of expertise for the next decade—and how we get there.


Liberation on the Land: Soul Fire Farm

An interview with program director Naima Penniman about the BIPOC-centered community farm’s efforts to fight racism and injustice in the food system through training and creating equitable distribution networks.

Social Justice
Soul Fire Farm

A Farmer Joins the Race for Albany

In the sprawling 51st state Senate district, Schoharie County farmer Jim Barber sees an opportunity to help rural economies recover.


Farmers on the Front Lines of Climate Change: Matt Sheffer of Hudson Carbon


Can Farming and Wildlife Coexist?

Recent biodiversity decline can be partially attributed to agricultural causes, but a new film from Jon Bowermaster profiles local efforts to improve the ecology of farming.


Coronavirus Roundup: Connecting Farmers with Food Banks During COVID-19

Looking at the Nourish New York initiative, plus news from New York State, the Hudson Valley, and the Catskills from Tuesday, June 2.


Farmers Forge Ahead During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As industries shut down or reduce workforce in response to the virus, Hudson Valley farms are keeping the food-supply chain moving.


Will New York Small Farmers Reap the Benefits of the Federal Trade Deal?

Despite record subsidies, farm bankruptcies are spiking across the nation. But New York may be better positioned than most states for the agricultural future.

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