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Urban Removal: Kingston’s Housing Crisis

A pandemic-fueled exodus from NYC has turbocharged the housing market in the Ulster County seat. Will its less-affluent residents be left behind?

The Challenge of Affordable Housing in the Hudson Valley

Three recent reports show that home values are on the rise, and the affordability gap is growing wider.

Follow the River, Follow the Money: On Development in Yonkers

Arts and environmental initiatives have driven a campaign to attract wealthier residents to the riverfront city. It could be a sign of things to come in the Hudson Valley.

On the Ground With the Young Activists Transforming Newburgh

A photo series showcasing justice activists in one of New York’s most interesting and historic cities.

Rent Control’s First Test in the Hudson Valley

A housing vacancy study found that Kington is not eligible to opt in to the Emergency Tenant Protection Act. What do the results mean for other cities?

Kingston, Hudson Valley housing, The River

You Broke It, You Build It

The owner of a building that collapsed in Poughkeepsie has been sued multiple times. So why is he being approved for other development projects?

Eric Anderson, River Newsroom, Poughkeepsie development

A Slumlord in Newburgh

How one landlord's poor track record reflects a systemic failure.

The River Newsroom, John Boubaris, Chronogram

The Hudson Valley Space Race

With the specter of gentrification looming large, the Hudson Valley is ground zero for testing models of inclusive development.

The Airbnb Invasion

We made the 2019 "trending destinations" list. What does it mean for the Catskills and Hudson Valley?

The Shipping Container House