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Defeated With Prop 1: A Fix for New York’s Prisoner Counting Problem

The defeat of the Redistricting Changes Amendment keeps prison gerrymandering in place for the state’s Congressional maps.


Vaccine Rates Among the Incarcerated Remain Low Amid Mistrust and Misinformation

Many people behind bars are turning down or deferring vaccination, despite months of advocacy to get vaccines into jails and prisons.


Why Is Sending Care Packages to Prisons So Hard?

The incarcerated have been more isolated than ever over the past year, but arbitrary DOCCS rules make it difficult to provide care from the outside. It’s up to the public to push back on the powerful carceral system.


A Jail By Any Other Name

The Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center is intended to advance restorative justice efforts. Its opponents, and many criminal justice reformers, argue that governments should invest instead in alternatives to incarceration.

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Prison Visitation in the Era of COVID-19

New York correctional facilities have been closed to visitors since March, depriving the incarcerated of vital contact with their loved ones. But a DOCCS reopening plan has done little to assuage concerns, some of which predate the pandemic.

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The Long-Awaited Arrival of Bail Reform

New York’s transformative pretrial and bail reforms go into effect in 2020. They should create a more fair, equal, and compassionate criminal justice system.

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New York In Prison

New York State counties ask: Do we really need a jail?