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Public Power Has Albany Rattled

The push for the Build Public Renewables Act in New York has become surprisingly muscular. Is it strong enough to break Albany’s climate gridlock?


New York City Prepares to Shut Down the Delaware Aqueduct

For the first time in almost a century, a critical piece of New York City's water infrastructure needs fixing. The impacts could be felt throughout the city’s 2,000-square-mile watershed.


New York’s Hidden Water Affordability Crisis

New Yorkers who are struggling are behind on their water bills, just like they are on other utility bills. But without consistent data from water utilities, we can't clearly see the problem, let alone solve it.


Central Hudson Is Broken. Can New York Fix It?

Legislators are investigating. Advocates want to put utilities in public hands. People behind on their utility bills are in trouble. Regulators have a lot of power to act—if they choose to.


New York Needs to Rein In Central Hudson’s Profit-Taking

A local advocate for energy reform calls for the state Public Service Commission to take action on Central Hudson, and address the failures of our investor-owned energy system.