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New York City Prepares to Shut Down the Delaware Aqueduct

For the first time in almost a century, a critical piece of New York City's water infrastructure needs fixing. The impacts could be felt throughout the city’s 2,000-square-mile watershed.


New York’s Hidden Water Affordability Crisis

New Yorkers who are struggling are behind on their water bills, just like they are on other utility bills. But without consistent data from water utilities, we can't clearly see the problem, let alone solve it.


In the Catskills, One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Business Model

As New York cracks down on climate change, green energy projects are encroaching on the state’s most rural landscapes.


What the Right to Clean Air and Water Will Mean for New Yorkers

The Environmental Rights Amendment, approved by voters last week, grants New Yorkers a new set of constitutional protections.


New York Declares New Superfund Site in Rensselaer County

The Route 203 site is tied to the toxic dumping ground known as the Dewey Loeffel Landfill, and could pose a threat to drinking water in Nassau.


Ashokan Power Project Faces Uphill Battle

A surprise proposal from a California energy company to build a pumped storage hydroelectric plant on the Ashokan Reservoir has managed to anger just about everybody.


Mud in the Water: The Fight Over Turbidity in Esopus Creek

NYC regularly discharges turbid water from the Ashokan Reservoir into the Esopus before it reaches faucets in the city. Some environmentalists say the practice has negative effects.


Future Forward: Land & Water

Environmental leaders and activists tell us what they envision in their areas of expertise for the next decade—and how we get there.


Is Water Pollution Exacerbating COVID-19 in Newburgh?

An industrial accident from 30 years ago could be worsening a coronavirus hot spot today.


What Happened to the Water in New Paltz?

Residents were under a "Do Not Drink" advisory for a week earlier this month. The response to the crisis tells us New York has learned from previous local water issues.