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Rachel Hellman

Rachel Hellman is a freelance journalist who has covered topics ranging from yak herding in Nepal to flooding in the Midwest. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, US News & World Report, The Boston Globe, and elsewhere.

Massive Development in Saugerties Raises Concern Among Locals

A new proposal would build housing, lodging, amusement parks, and a tech park at Winston Farm. The town supervisor appears in favor, but some fear the impacts.


What the Right to Clean Air and Water Will Mean for New Yorkers

The Environmental Rights Amendment, approved by voters last week, grants New Yorkers a new set of constitutional protections.


How an Ad Hoc Climate Coalition Is Working to Thwart a Power Plant in Newburgh

Danskammer Energy wants to replace its “peaker” gas-fired power plant with a new facility that will run 24/7. With a decision coming, environmentalists are reminding New York of its green commitments.